Connect your PocketVM to a computer

This guide covers the steps necessary to connect PocketVM on your mobile device to your computer. It assumes that you already have PocketVM installed on the device you wish to use as well as on your computer.If your have not yet installed PocketVM, please read this guide.

Preparing your computer and your mobile device

Ensure that:

  1. Wi-Fi is switched on your mobile device and you have networking enabled on your computer.
  2. Your computer and your mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. PocketVM is running on your computer.

Finding your computer

The images to the right, which expand if they are clicked on, demonstrate the screen you should see on your mobile device.

Finding computers

Open PocketVM on your mobile device. If the button in the middle says “Tap to select a PocketVM computer”, one or more computers with PocketVM installed have been found.
The button in the middle may display one of a variety of other messages:

  • “No PocketVM computers found” – your mobile device isn’t connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  • “Wi-Fi network not found” – Wi-Fi is not turned on.
  • “Not connected to this Wi-Fi network” – you have already connected to a computer and need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as it to disconnect from it.

If the name of a computer is displayed instead of one of the messages above, the application has automatically selected the computer on the Wi-Fi network that it most recently connected to. You can leave that computer selected or select a different computer.

PocketVM iPhone/iPod connect screen, with the picker open PocketVM iPad connect screen, with the menu open

Selecting your computer

To select a computer (or to change the currently selected computer), tap on the button in the middle.

On an iPad a drop-down list will be displayed, on an iPod Touch or iPhone a scrolling picker will be displayed. The list or picker will display a list of the devices with PocketVM installed that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. On an iPad, touching the desired computer will select it. On an iPod Touch or iPhone, scroll so that the desired computer is highlighted and press “Select”.

Once the button displays the name of the desired computer, you are ready to connect.

PocketVM iPhone/iPod connect screen, with the picker open PocketVM iPad connect screen, with the menu open

Connecting to your computer

Press the connect button – the large button towards the top of the screen. You will be prompted for your username and password on the selected computer. To disconnect when you are finished, press the same button.
If you forget to disconnect, your computer and your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone will be out of sync. You will be unable to connect to another computer until you have disconnected successfully.
PocketVM iPhone/iPod connecting PocketVM iPad disconnecting

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